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"Backstage Dance Studio was the center of my world and my family grew right along with me and the studio." - LaVerne Sessions

     Backstage Dance Studio has a long history in Salmon, ID! The studio was originally started in California in 1984 by LaVerne Sessions. She and her husband Rick lived in California for 3 years, but had longed to be back in Salmon where they could raise their family. In 1987, that dream came true and the Sessions moved back home - with the dream of bringing that dance studio with them!

     They bought the building from a man named Bill Guth. It had been a motorcycle shop and cabinet shop before it became the home of Backstage Dance Studio. This is the building we still use today!

     LaVerne owned and operated the studio for 30 years in Salmon (plus 3 years in California). Her first year, she started out with 15 students and enrollment grew every year thereafter. LaVerne was the only teacher for about the first 5 years. She slowly started adding more classes and teachers in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, clogging, cheer, and tumbling! 

     Enrollment fluctuated from year to year, but what started as one teacher and 15 students eventually grew into 12 teachers and 365 students at one point! LaVerne truly put her heart and soul into building something amazing for our little community.

     In 2017, it was time for LaVerne to sell the studio. It only made sense that LaVerne's long time student and dance teacher, Amy would take the throne. So in 2017, the studio had new owners: Amy and Daniel Bertram. 

     Dance has always been a passion of Amy's. 

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