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Meet the teachers

At the age of 5 I remember sitting at the front of class watching my mother teach her step aerobics class.
I loved the music and how everyone moved in sync together, and the nice gentleman in the front row would always toss me a stick of gum! (Big bonus for a little girl!) And thus my love for group fitness began.
I am currently a health & fitness coach, licensed Zumba instructor, rancher's wife, and a busy mom to three adventurous boys!
The ability to exercise has been a huge blessing in all aspects of my life.
It has been my mood booster, stress reliever, confidence booster, & happy place
I am passionate about helping others experience that through my class as well.
One of my favorite things about Zumba is that it is for EVERYONE!
I've had ages 8 to 80, men, women, and kids all in the same class!
There's just something AMAZING about watching people from all different stages and walks of life come together and share one love.
I want my class to be a safe place where everyone feels welcome to come BUST a MOVE, trip over your two left feet, step outside your comfort zone, and know that what happens in Zumba class, stays in Zumba class!
I encourage you to come try it for yourself!
Join me for an hour full of energy, contagious music, and fun while we get fit and blast our stress away!

I am a personal fitness trainer, group fitness instructor, certified health and nutrition coach, and the mother of four amazing children that have made me a grandma to six grandkids, whom I adore!
I started teaching my first fitness class when I was a senior in high school.
Fitness has been a source of enjoyment and a blessing to me throughout my life.
I like to think of it like this…....
If your doctor could prescribe you a magic pill that was an antidepressant, promising you happiness, increased energy, anti-aging, and overall longevity of health and wellness wouldn't you want it?
Of course! No matter what the price!
Good news… That's exactly what exercise can do for you!
I have taken the best of everything I have learned in 33 years of health and fitness experience and rolled it into one "magic" class... for you, for me, and for everyone that desires to be their BEST self!

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